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Replacement and return policy

We thank you for choosing Atlanta to purchase your favorite awesome products and we are glad to serve you. Sometimes your mind may change about the products you have purchased, not you. We at Atlanta will do our best to make the return or exchange process as simple and smooth as possible.


We have facilitated the return or exchange process through the following procedures:


1. If you wish to exchange or return the product, you must contact us first.
2. The customer has the right to return the product within 12 hours from the date of receipt, provided that the product is intact and no change has occurred. The customer bears the full shipping costs, and the cost of the product is returned to the customer within 14 working days.
3. The customer has the right to replace the product with another, before sending the shipment. After sending the shipment, he is entitled to exchange within 42 working hours, and he must bear the full shipping cost and the difference in the cost of the product, if any.
4. If the product is defective, or does not conform to the specifications that were determined at the time of purchase, the customer has the right to replace or return the product within 12 hours, and the customer in this case must send proof of shipping costs indicating: invoice number - shipping - and cost. The customer then has the right to get the full amount back.

5. Comprehensive products in discounts and offers are not exchangeable or refundable, with the exception of a defect in the product, see: Article 4 of the return and exchange policies.
Products cannot be returned or exchanged in the following cases:

1. Return is not accepted after 12 hours from the date of receipt, and exchange is not accepted after 42 hours.
2. When the product is changed from its original condition for any reason
3. When used beyond the purpose of the experiment