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Fill your room with your favorite perfume and give it a flamboyant and sensual atmosphere all day long

Product Features

safety slide
Thanks to it, the device turns off automatically when the water level reaches a minimum
very silent
It doesn't make any annoying sound so you can relax while watching the flames glow
lighting control
Adjust the device to the level of illumination that suits you
Air humidification
Provides you with fresh air, especially if you use essential oils
The refreshing, cool mist helps hydrate your room, protecting your skin from flaking and dryness
Helps sleep
It helps to relax and improves sleep thanks to the moist air, especially if you use essential oils

Product Features

Very suitable for use in the bedroom. You can add 3-5 drops of Your favorite essential oils while quickly applying, hydrating your skin, reducing stress and your perfect sleep
flame effect
Humidifier and Flame Light Design: Resulting from the combination of smart LED lights and Cool Mist, you can select two modes of "hard flame" and "soft flame" by controlling the device. It will give you a warm feeling surrounded by fire. Very suitable for use in winter.
Silent hydration
Humidifier noise level can be reduced to 25dB, quiet and humidifying, it will not interfere with your study, work or sleep, away from those annoying noises, flame light design can relieve your fatigue well
Auto power off setting
When the water volume in the humidifier is insufficient, it will turn off automatically. Don't worry about getting tired while sleeping, because the auto shut-off function will give you better protection (use a 5V/2A data plug).
best gift
This humidifier has a unique flame design and can be the best gift for your family, friends and loved ones

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